There is always a "Default season" which you always have to fill out. If you have season there will be one line for each season.

First you click on the currency you want to put prices in. The currecy you choose are green.

Adult This is price pr. person in a double room, which is a standart room. ex. My double room cost 40 euro, then you type in 20 Euro.

Child Type in the price for a child between 4 - 12 years.

Infant Type in the price for an infant between 0 - 3 years.

Discount If there are more then 2 beds in the room, how much discount do you give to person No 3 or No 4 or No 5 etc. ex. each person cost 20 Euro, but No 3 or higher pay only 15 Euro, then you type in 5 euro in disount.

extra If there are only 1 person in the room there will be an extra charge. ex. each person cost 20 euro, but when there is only 1 in the room this person shal pay 10 euro extra, so my single room cost 30 euro.

Breakfast Here you type in a price if you charge for the breakfast.