Account contains data related to you and your business. While you may have multiple facilities with separate addresses and contact details, only a single account will be needed.

In many cases, the account data is hared by the facility.


The name of legal entity that owns facilities attached to this account.


These details are used for regular contact from BBEU to you. This data will be used a default for filling out addresses for new facilities.


The name of your business. If each facility use their own name, this should be set to the same as Owner's name above.

Data for invoice

This address is used solely for sending out invoices. In case you want to receive invoices on the same address as everything else, this can be left blank.


Contacts are the usual channels that BBEU will use to contact you. We recommend typing in at least a cell phone and an e-mail, but only the later is a requirement.


Any normal email account will do, however, it is not allowed to use forwards.

Payment options

If You want to receive a deposit, you have to fill in information about you bank.

In Setup-deposit and discount, you can set how much you want in deposit.