Instant Booking

Instant booking.

If you wish that the guest can do instant booking you click the tick box.

When you accept Instant booking and you get a booking the system will check if you have space and if you space, the system will confirm the booking to guests and you, at the same time, the guest do a booking.

This means that the guest will get a confirmation when you sleep, are shopping, or at work.

You keep you planner updated all the time with the other bookings you have.

If you do this you will give your future guest a better service. Later will accommodation that have Instant booking will be placed, at the top of the town where they are mention, no matter what distance the have.

You booking bottom for Instant booking are marked with a blue color where the other booking bottom are marked with a green color.

Remember that our Planner can be on your own homepage or any webpage you wish the planner to be on. This mean that the Planner will be updated on all webpages.

Great serve for the guests.