Join us

BBEU have had a webpage with accommodation since 1995 and the company was founded i 1992.

What is the advance for me as host to be on the website?

  • Be under more then one location
  • Every rentages have there own prices
  • You can have seasons
  • Prepayment with credit card, at no cost for you
  • Minimum prices
  • Discount possibel
  • Bedtype mention under each rentage
  • Calender you can use your self
  • Calender you can use on your own webpage
  • Calender you can use on other webpages
  • Have only one calender and can update all calenders in one place
  • Instant bookings
  • Upload all information from your own computer
  • Minimum days guest have to stay
  • And many other things

What are the advantiges for the guests?

  • Find you under more then one location
  • Instant booking
  • View your calender
  • See text and pictures of your rentages
  • Prices and total price when the guest do a booking
  • Search on cities
  • Search on dates
  • Search on number of people
  • Search on areas
  • See if you have space
  • See number of people you have space for

Does it cost anything?

You can stay free of charge on the webpage and only pay a fee for every confirmed booking.

Please click on Create account in the menu Login to the left.

When we have recived you information we will contact you to see what we can do for you.

You can also click on About BBEU in the menu Relevant pages, where you will find our contact information.